Narcissus Paper Accepted to AAAI 2006

by Kevin Godby

Last semester, I took a course titled Developmental Robotics taught by Alexander Stoytchev. In this class, we had a final project.

Jesse and I teamed up and worked on a project we called Narcissus. Narcissus was an implementation of a self-detection algorithm for robots.

The results of our experiment were promising, so we submitted a student abstract to the AAAI 2006 conference in Boston, Massachusetts, a few months ago. We just heard back from them today, and they accepted our paper.

Our paper, “Robot Self-Recognition Using Conditional Probability–Based Contingency,” is a two-page abstract and can be read online. We received two reviews with very helpful comments. After cleaning up the paper a bit, we will submit a final version in early April. Additionally, we will be at the AAAI Conference in Boston in July. So if anyone’s around Boston and wants to meet up then, let me know!