Ames, Iowa, Among America’s Smartest Cities

by Kevin Godby

According to a recent article, Ames, Iowa, ranks #2 in the list of cities with the largest percentage of Ph.D.–wielding residents (emphasis mine):

Looking at all metropolitan areas with populations of 50,000 or greater, Ithaca, N.Y. ranks No. 1. Home to Cornell University, a whopping 7.92 percent of residents hold Ph.D.s. Ames, Iowa, where Iowa State University is located, is second, at 7.2 percent. Other university towns round out the top five: In State College, Pa., the figure is 6.04 percent; for Corvallis, Ore., it’s 5.63 percent; and in College Station, Texas, it’s 5.14 percent.

<wistful thinking>
Someday I may join their ranks—after I write my master’s thesis, finish my Ph.D. coursework, and write a dissertation.
</wistful thinking>