Tufte-LaTEX 3.5.0 released

by Kevin Godby

I’ve just released version 3.5.0 of the Tufte-LaTEX document classes.

The changes from 3.0.0 include:

  • Added a nohyper document class option that suppresses loading of the hyperref package.
  • Added three commands to modify the positioning of the captions.
  • Now automatically recalculates the lengths in case you’ve modified the page size or margins.
  • Added a B5 paper size.
  • The justification of sidenotes, margin notes, captions, and citations can be set individually now.
  • The font and style of sidenotes, margin notes, captions, and citations can now be set individually.
  • The \caption command now accepts an optional vertical offset argument.
  • Added the \morefloats command that works in the same way the morefloats package does.
  • Fixed a number of bugs.

You can find the latest Tufte-LaTEX package at http://code.google.com/p/tufte-latex/. There is a sample handout showing some of the features and the full reference for the Tufte-LaTEX document classes exists in a sample book.

The files have been uploaded to CTAN and should appear there soon.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed patches, suggestions, and bug reports! Keep them coming!